Handheld Drop Device

CPA Manual Drop Device
CPA Manual Drop Device

Many standards such as ASTM F1292 and ASTM F3313 require that the person performing the impact testing find the least favourable location on the surface under test. In some cases this is obvious with areas of high wear or damage, but it is often difficult to make this determination without physically dropping the E missile. The Manual Drop Device allows for the substitution of the metal block that hangs from the Triax2015 tripod and suspension cable and hold the E missile in the hands for the person performing the test. This allows the tester to raise or lower the missile or move around the playground, field or any other surface under test and gather data. This data can be used to direct the location of the formal testing to the relevant standard. CPA also provides training in the test procedure and the use of the Manual Drop Device and the reporting software.


Prices are in USD. Prices are fob, Prices do not include any taxes, levies or other charges. TRIAX E-Missle and Data Unit not included.


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