Drop Device with Laser for TRIAX Touch

Manual Drop Device with Laser for Triax Touch
Manual Drop Device with Laser
Many surface impact attenuation standards and good maintenance practices allow for a single drop from a specified height. Instructions at xxxx explain how this is used for playgrounds and rugby fields. The user can “eyeball” the drop height when they are standing atop a ladder, only to perform the drop again if the height was too low. The drop handle for the TRIAXTouch with the laser measuring device confirms the drop height. This allows for more and faster testing ensuring better maintenance and compliance with Standards. CPA also provides training in the test procedure and the use of the Manual Drop Device and the reporting software.


Prices are in USD. Prices are fob, Prices do not include any taxes, levies or other charges. TRIAX Touch E-Missile and Data Unit not included.


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