Collapsible Straightedges & Calibrated Trolley

CPA Calibration Trolly on Straight Edge
Collapsible Straightedges Calibrated Trolley

The Collapsible Straightedges and Calibrated Trolley is easy to use device can measure the fluctuations in asphalt, concrete, playgrounds, running tracks and trails in relation to a sectional straightedge. Ideal for measuring ADA change in cross-sectional height, running and cross slopes.

The calibrated trolley runs along the top of the straightedge and changes in height are obvious by the raising and lowering of the level gauges. This allows for greater speed of inspection while standing or walking with the only bending with a calibrated wedge when the change is very obvious.

Sectional straightedge - 3 meter (39.4”) sections for 3 meter (10') $920.00

Sectional straightedge -1 1 meter (39.4”) and 1 0.52 meter (20.6”) sections to 60” (1524mm) Ideal for Accessible Route: $720.00

Calibrated trolley - 0 to 25mm (0-1"): 1,195.00

Prices are in USD. Prices do not include any taxes, levies, other charges, or shipping and handling.


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