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Ground Level Accessible Routes in Playgrounds

Providing Ground Level Accessible Routes within and through a playground are critical to quality of life for both children and caregivers that come to the playground. There are performance requirements to ensure a minimum of accessibility. Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. provides an online course that outlines the performance requirements and how a simple tool from Canadian Playground Advisory Inc that measures many of these requirements.

Playground Surfacing Technician: Theory to Practice:

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has been providing training to the requirements of ASTM F1292 and now F3313 since 1999. Prior to Covid-19 this was only provided face-to-face. This course was overwhelming to some. As a result, this online course was developed to provide a self directed course that has become the pre-requisite to the face-to-face operational training to complete the full course. This course starts with the history impact attenuation with the US Air Force and the automotive industry. Terms such as SI, HIC and g are discussed in relation to injury severity and measurement.

This course is for anyone training to become a play and recreation surface inspector operating a TRIAX system or anyone responsible for selecting and specifying surfaces for public use.

Professional Considerations in Design of Public Playspaces:

This course is intended for persons designing and inspecting playgrounds. There is a distinction from professionals, experts, persons with knowledge, and those with opinions. These people also need understand where they fit, how licensing and ethics are important in the design, construction, ownership, and inspection of the playgrounds. There are consequences for those either claiming to be professionals and professionals that do not meet their obligations. This course is a must for all people in a senior position in all aspects of playgrounds.

Using ASTM F3351, Specified Height Test to your Advantage:

Specified Height Test ASTM F3351 – Owners and surfacing suppliers must have the opportunity to demonstrate that a surfacing system provides better impact attention performance than required in ASTM F1292 Critical Height testing. The goal is to provide better injury prevention and increase functional longevity. Participants in the course will be introduced to the concepts of injury severity related to impact attenuation values as well as the relationship between drop height and velocity at the point of impact.

The use of the ASTM F3351 will result in better performing and longer lasting surfaces. This is the way to injury prevention and improved asset management. download pdf need to comply.

Determining Fall Height by Standards and DPS

Falls are the number one cause of injuries in playgrounds. The fall height in standards are the minimum that a child is intended to fall from. Getting this right is the focus of this course outlining the minimum requirements as they are set out in both the ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614 Standards. Failure to get this right will result in a suffering unreasonable injury, the owner holding major liability and any inspector involved with a significant problem.

G FactorGo – Testing Playgrounds:

This course builds on the Theory to Practice with the operation side of using the GfactorGo to determined the performance of surfacing for impact attenuation as measured in g and HIC. This course emphasises that the GfactorGo is a maintenance tool that an owner can use to determine if the playground should be used or needs additional formal testing. This course is a face-to-face course and can be presented by Teams or in person depending on the number of people to train and the budget for training.

G FactorGo – Testing for Sports Fields:

This course builds on the Theory to Traditionally sports fields have been tested with a 20lb steel sausage, dropped from 2’. Other than for data collection, this device does not provide and injury prevention data in relation to the risk of head injuries. The G factorGo has been shown to simulate a human head and be highly correlated to the Automotive Hybrid III head form. This course covers both the theory of prevention of surface impact injuries and the operational side of testing in the field. This course is directed at the sports field designer, owner and maintainer.


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