Vertical Depth Gauges

Canadian Playground Advisory Vertical Depth Gauges
Large and 9 inch Depth Gauge

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. manufactures the 3 Prong Depth Gauge has been designed for use with multiple standards and multiple surface types. The length of the device allows for the determination of the depth while the person performing the test from a standing position, The depth can be read on the metric and imperial analog scales mounted on the plunger rod.

The 3 Prong Depth Gauge allows the penetration rods to extend 150mm (6") to allow testing of multiple surfaces such as; poured-in-place playground surfaces, artificial turf with and or without infill, artificial turf with or without underlayment running track surfaces of varying depths.

Depth Gauge: $1,125.00

9 inch Depth Gauge: $385.00

Prices are in USD. Prices do not include any taxes, levies, other charges, or shipping and handling.


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