EVERPLAY Reference Pad

EVERPLAY Reference Pad

Every scientific test device requires calibration and the Traix2015 is no different. Most of these devices require annual calibration; however with the use of the EVERPLAY Reference Pad the need for calibration is extended to two years.

The reference pad is a thermally stable mat that provides repeatable and reproducible values for g and HIC in controlled conditions. Using the reference pad prior testing validates that the Triax2015 is operating with factory requirements and testing can proceed. The use of a reference mat is a requirement of many ASTM standards such as ASTM F355, ASTM F1292, ASTM F1936, ASTM F3313, etc. This pad has demonstrated stability and consistency over more than 20 years.

The CPA Reference Pad can be used with the Swing Impact Tester, E missile or A missile. The GFactor GO.


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