Double Post Swing Tester Mount

Double Post Swing Tester
Double Post Swing Seat Tester Mount

All playground standards around the world require the performance of an impact test for the leading or impacting edge(s) of the swing seat. Alpha-Automation Inc. provides a Triax 4.6kg spherical swing impact tester (purchased separately). This headform will need to be suspended and the Double Post Swing Tester Support provides an easy to assemble system. Once assembled, the system allows for the adjustment of the height of the headform to the swing seat as it is mounted either in the factory or at the playground. The Support system comes in a transportable box, while the Triax Swing Tester remains in the box that was purchased in.

Since Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. owns an Alpha-Automation Inc. swing tester and manufactures the Swing Tester Support, we are prepared to provide swing impact testing to ASTM F1487 and/or CSA Z614 for manufacturers and owners alike, either in our facility or on site.


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