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Bringing compliance & better practices through

knowledge & field testing of athletic,

recreational and playground surfaces

Only with Field Testing can the Owner Know

EVERPLAY International Inc. provides testing of the installed surface to ensure that the surface provides a Gmax <100 and HIC <700 from the drop height stipulated by the Owner/Operator, below the requirements of the standards.

The test results provided for your review will indicate that the Gmax & HIC values are well below the requirements form significant heights

Crosby Park, Richmond Hill, Ontario, 2008

  • 4 play structures
  • Maximum drop height 10.5’
  • No Gmax value above 90
  • No HIC value above 500


Glen Cedar Park, Toronto, Ontario, 2009

  • EVERPLAY pigmented Terra CottaEPDM
  • 3 play structures
  • Maximum drop height 11.6’
  • No Gmax value above 100
  • No HIC value above 550



Canadian Playground Advisory and its associated company EVERPLAY International Inc. have for more than 19 years encouraged testing of installed surfaces in the field.  This is the only way an owner/operator can determine compliance to Standards, contract specifications and the DOJ 2010 ADA Standard on Accessibility.