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Who we are and What we do


Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has developed expertise in the above fields of playground, recreation and athletic surfacing through exposure to training in Europe (Germany, Switzerland and France) starting in 1981 in the physical, chemical and material techniques of athletic and recreational surfaces. This has been further enhanced with the principal having direct senior management relationships with products and companies such as Romaflex, Elastocrete, Sportbau Canada, Everplay ( and Elastech Products. EVERPLAY is one of the original poured in place playground systems and Champ-Track waterplay surfaces is the first polyurethane surface applied in a waterplay setting. These companies have been leaders in their respective fields and have developed and advanced the state of the art in many technologies. These companies continue to be a resource to Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. as do many others developed through networking relationships. This extends to two Pennsylvania associated companies; Compliance Testing LLC and Field Testing Services LLC and affiliates Alpha Automation Inc.( and Playground Clearing House, USA, Inc.(

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has team of people ready to lend their expertise in the various experiences to provide a complete package of knowledge and expertise.

Rolf Huber brings more than 30 years of experience in athletic, play and recreation surfaces and more than 20 years of active participation and authoring of Standards at CSA and ASTM.  His work around the world has built a network of experts that can be called upon to advance the  goals of improved quality of life through injury reduction and accessibility.  He has been a driving force for such advances such as the raising of the fall height for composite playgrounds in Canada to the tops of barriers and guardrails.

Rolf Huber has been an author of corporate newsletters covering issues important to the industry.  He has also been regularly published and quoted in a number of trade and industry periodicals.  Many of these are in the Newsletter, Articles and Publications links in this website.

In addition to the published articles, Rolf Huber has made presentations to Parks and Recreation, Public Health Professionals and Playground Owners across North America. In conjunction with these presentations, Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has published two textbooks related to playground surfacing specific to Canada (CSA Z614-98) and the United States (ASTM F1487-01). These textbooks cover the requirement and selection of impact attenuating surfaces as well as the layout required for specific playground structures.  Another  publication has been in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Child Care Operators Playground Management Guidelines 2003 is to assist those involved in Child Care at any level with an understanding of practices and strategies for their playgrounds. Specifically it is directed to provide and understanding to Child Care Operators in Ontario, Canada with actions that are consistent with the government licensing policy in Ontario.

Henry Helps has more than 30 years of experience in the playground and recreation industry.  He has in the past worked for the manufacturers Ressco Recreation Inc., Children’s Playground Inc., and Hilan Corporation.  He has also worked in the area of playground inspections with Playspaces Inc and for more than 15 years been an integral and valuable participant in the synthetic surfacing industry with EVERPLAY Installation Inc.  It is this wealth of experience and knowledge that makes him a valuable member of the team.

Adam Huber has been involved in play and recreation surfacing aspects of the industry from manufacture, installation and inspection.  He is a trained playground surface tester for the Triax2000 and Triax2010 and the CSA Z614 Standard.  His ability to communicate and teach has made him an exceptional trainer for others wanting to learn about accessibility and prevention of injuries.

Jonathan Huber brings and engineering mind, mathematics and computer expertise to the group.  Jonathan provides calibration service to the Canadian owners of Triax2000 and Triax2010.  Jonathan is also a trained surface impact tester for playground surfacing with the Triax2000 and Triax2010.

Gordon Wing has been a tool & die maker all his long life and brings his penchant for precision and design to the unique test devices that are designed and manufactured by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc.  Gordon has been instrumental in developing tools and devices based on the requests of clients. 

Through this vast experience and team, Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is able to provide clients with a number of services that include;

  • the writing of specifications,
  • the training of users test devices,
  • testing of turf fields for impact characteristics (ASTM F1936)
  • testing of playground protective surfaces for impact attenuation (ASTM F1292)
  • providing expert witness services for litigation, and risk management
  • field supervision of the installation of athletic running track surfaces
  • compliance field testing for athletic running tracks (ASTM F2157)
  • publication of manuals for playground surfaces
  • presentations for playgrounds, running tracks and water play
  • presentations for tire recycling issues for sport and play systems
  • consultant for products made with recycled rubber and polyurethane under pressure
  • consultant for surfaces made of recycled rubber and polyurethane as poured in place