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Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is pleased to be associated with the Triax2010 as the porminant playground surface testing device in the world.

The Triax2010 is the next generation of the Triax2000 series of the playground surface tester.  The upgrades include;

  • the storage of drop data is now on an SD card allowing for as many as 1000 drops being stored as opposed to the 48 drop internal memory of the Triax2000. 

  • the software offers the option of displaying the crtical time as required by the En1177 Standard. 

  • the Triax2010, when utilized in conjunction with the Canadian Playground Advisory Manual Drop Test Device, allows for the performance of the manual drop with the recording of velocity.

  • the Triax2010 transfer data directly to the PC through the SD card, while the Triax2000 required that the transfer of data from the device to the PC via a serial cable

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. provides the only training program in the world for the use of the Triax2010.  These courses are provided in Toronto, Canada and some selected locations around the world.

The Triax2010 is manufactured by Alpha-Automation Inc., in Trenton, New Jersey, USA