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Manual Drop Tester With Velocity Device


Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has manufactured this special device to be used in conjunction with the Triax2010 handheld and headform.  This device for the first time allows the performer of testing of playground surfacing to perform essential tests prior to the formal testing and determination of the best locations within the protective surfacing zone of a play structure.  


Due Dilligence requires that the person performing the testing of playground sufacing to determine the most adverse location of the protective surfacing zone and therefore be responsible for the entire site.  Through the performance of manual drop tests with the confirmation of veleocity and therefore drop height, the operator is able to confirm choices of drop location with confirmable data.


DOJ 2010 ADA Standard is US Federal Civil Rights legislation that has a requirement that the Accessible Route in a playground meet the requirements of ASTM F1292 and the ability to have confirmable data that will stand up in a Federal Court should there be a complaint under the legeslation.  This allows for the building of the legal data that would be needed by Deparment of Justice lawyers to seriously pursue this law.



Canadian Playground Advisory Inc., provides support and training programs as to how these devices are used in conjunction with the relevant standards, including the measurement and reporting of the performance requirements.

The Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. manual drop test device is a unique tool that enhances the performance of ASTM F1292 and is essential to the performance of En1177.