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Surface Testing in the Field


Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. as a service is providing a list of person who have completed the training required under section 7 of ASTM F1292 and a separate list of persons and agencies who have either a Triax2000 or Triax2010 currently meeting the requirements of ASTM F1292.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc is providing the following documentation to assist persons wanting playground surfacing inspect.  These are;

  • Procedure for the Determination Compliance for Ground Level Accessible Routes to the requirements of the US DOJ 2010 ADA Standards for Accessiblity Design.

  • Procedure for the Testing of of a Playground Surface to ASTM F1292-09

  • Template for the Test peformed for compliance to ASTM F1292-09

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is a full service playground inspection and testing company with persons who are Registere Playground Practitioners, trained the requirements of ASTM F1292 and in possession of high quality aluminum  probes and calibrated Triax2010 to provide inspections to CSA Z614-07.

Canadian Playground Advisory is a full service sport field impact testing company, performing testing to ASTM F1936, with calibrated Triax2010 'A' Missile complying with both ASTM F355 and ASTM F1936.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has all of the tools and instruments shown on this website at its disposal to provide a complete service.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. offers 2 sample playground tests for your review from EVERPLAY Installation Inc.