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Canadian Playground Advisory Inc., the provider of training and alpha automation inc. the manufacture of the Triax2000 and Triax2010 have been asked to provide a list of persons and agencies meeting the requirements of ASTM F1292.  The users of this list could be determining compliance of a protective surface for contract compliance, warranty compliance, the US DOJ 2010 ADA Accessibility Standard, the US CPSC section 2.4 of the Handbook for Public Playground Safety, or determination of a cause of a Serious Injury, ASTM F1487 or the CSA Z614 Standards.

This voluntary list contains names of persons who have completed the training as required in ASTM F1292 section 7 and provided by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. and/or have the Triax2000 or Triax2010 within current calibration.  As a result they should be able to perform inspections that will meet legal requirements of ASTM F1292.  To assist the user of the testing to better understand the performance of the inspections we are providing an outline of the procedures to perform an ADA playground inspection and the procedure and report content for a surface test to ASTM F1292-09.  We are also providing sample of a test report that contains all of the content required for the field testing report in ASTM F1292.  This report is being made available under license to persons on the list of trained inspectors and it is recommended that particularly persons wanting inspections that would be reviewed by a government agency to use the standard form assist the reviewer with consistency in their work.

These lists and documents are being provided as a service and shall not be construed as an endorsement of any person or agency and the user must perform their due diligence as to the ability of the person to meet other contractual requirements.  Note that the lists will be reposted quarterly to include additional persons who have been trained and agree to join this offering or agencies having purchased, calibrated or agree to add their unit to the list.  Persons and agencies can be removed from the list should they not perform inspections to the expectations of their training or have failed to keep their Triax2000 or Triax2010 within the calibration requirements.

 This list is being provided at the sole discretion of Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. and there is not warranties expressed or implied and persons and agencies included are listed at the sole discretion of Canadian Playground Advisory Inc.


January 2013