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Calibrated Trolley


Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. manufactures a calibrated trolley to ride on top of either of the straightedges is manufactures.  The tolley rides top and centre of the straightedge with 2 wheeled legs with calibrated scales that allow the operator to determine the changes in vertical height from a standing position.


ASTM F2157 requires that the variations in grade as measured and recorded.  The extend of the locations measured and the recording required will depend upon the class of the track being examined.

DOJ 2010 ADA Standard requires that there shall be not a change in vertical height greater than ½" with the first ¼" being vertical and the second ¼" being on a 1:2 slope.  The Calibrated Trolley is a very quick way of determing in detail variations in vertical height on an accessible route.


Canadian Playground Advisory Inc., provides support and training programs as to how these devices are used in conjunction with the relevant standards, including the measurement and reporting of the performance requirements.