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knowledge & field testing of athletic,

recreational and playground surfaces

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is a Best Practice, based on standards, Company that manufactures certain unique test devices and provides training their use to International Standards.  These devices are used to measure performance of playground, play, recreation, running track and artificial surfaces.  Some of these devices are also required by government mandates throughout the world and some prominent civil rights legislation such as the US, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Department of Justice 2010 ADA Standards.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has through its affiliation with manufacturers of playground, play, recreation surfaces, running tracks and artificial turf has actively participated in the development and writing contribution to many performance standards in Canada and the United States. 

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is associated with companies that are leaders in innovation and exceptional performance,  Sportbau Canada Limited, Everplay International Inc., Everplay Installation Inc, and rmz Elastech Products Inc.   These are companies that have a history or proactive injury prevention through better performance starting in the early 1980’s.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. is proud to be affiliated with Playground Clearing House, USA, Inc, the inventor of the MAX/GSI portable playground impact tester & Alpha-Automation Inc, the developer & manufacturer of the triax2000 & triax2010 systems.  Alpha has been an innovator in the area of designs for portable and exceptionally reliable field devices for measurement of impact attenuation. 

Canadian Playground Advisory and its associated company EVERPLAY International Inc. have for more than 19 years written Newsletters, Research Papers, and contributions to articles that have set out a path for performance criteria in a worldwide industry.  These articles have been influential in advances in national and international standards.  They have also been influential in changing industry practices.

This website is designed to provide information to the user and educate in the betterment of surfacing and prevent injuries in the users of those surfaces.